Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Flexishirts: Move'em Shirts

      Yesterday, we released our Flexipants. Today, we releasing our Flexishirts. Similar to our Flexipants, these are long-sleeve shirts we have converted to short-sleeve for summer and added fabric inserts to allow for a full range of motion without flashing your bra. Yeah for fixing one of my pet peeves which has been the fact that if you are a woman and wear a button up shirt, you have a tendency to flash people when you raise your arms as you chase after small children, move boxes, or generally kick some butt. And small children are too much fun to chase to give up on of those raw pleasures in life. This fabric insert system is also good for anyone who believes in kicking butt and taking names. The most popular use has actually been guys who want to get more summer shirt selection as short sleeve dress shirts are always a bear to come by in color selections, plus adding fabric inserts makes for cooler clothing as it is easier to breath at the seams. Thank you 12th century fishermen for teaching us this great trick. And you thought cable knit clothing was just for show. This can also extend your shirt's life by another season if you have frayed or worn cuffs. Just drop off your shirts and we will turn them around in 7 days. $15 per shirt for women, $20 per shirt for men. You can also check out our Etsy shop as we post up fun samples. Mostly, I just love putting movement back in clothing.
               We have a shirt and pair of pants sitting in front of our sales office for anyone who would like to touch the difference in person. Because tailoring is often one of those things that is best appreciated by the wearer in the extras no one necessarily sees, but enjoys. Have a great day and escape the hot summer! Happy July 4th everyone. It's been a wild ride the past few weeks and I've enjoyed spending it all with you. May you enjoy the fireworks, cook-outs, and moments with loved ones tomorrow. I feel really blessed this year to get to spend the day with someone I love. I hope that you are having a great season too.

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