Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Part 4: Dying Leather

              Alright, back from last week's leather armor costume, I (Dara) meant to post this earlier, but the real world is taking up a lot of time these days. I also put together a small tutorial for my girl friend Robin on Instructables for some leather hide work she was interested in doing for a Game of Thrones party. A birthday present of sorts.
                  You can see the dye here is beginning to take though I think it needs a couple more coats to really get the right shades as it's still a little too light in places. And some antiquing is necessary. Still, it's nice to have everything come together. Realized this week that the outfit I've been doing has over 80 separate carved dragons on it in 4 different sizes. Mmmm, major time investment. Oh well...totally worth it. :-)

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