Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Moving Sale: Complimentary Shipping

                 Hey guys, so Nash and I moving has given us both an excuse to clean up and sort through inventory. Certainly overdue. Most of the stuff we're keeping, but I do have a couple of things to list online for anyone in the area who needs it.

                The first is a Consew 124, you've probably seen it in tons of posts over the years as it's an all around work-horse designed for military applications for everything from silk, to uniforms, to leather work. Pretty much every instructable, sample, or piece I've made has come off this machine or it's sister. Please feel free to check out the photos on Craigslist. Nash can deliver it in the area. We have two or I'd probably keep it because I'm pretty much addicted to the machine due to how easy to fix it is. Something you might not appreciate when first starting out, but you will be grateful for a year in. In working order and has been serviced in the past year so you should be good for a while. It is available for $550.

           Next, spare design books. I have several design books that I have multiple copies of and am posting them for sale in the Etsy shop. Books on leather working, quilting, patternmaking, etc. These books are especially helpful as most of them include patterns (either full scale or 1/4) in oak tag or paper for easy use. One of the biggest stumbling blocks I find for new designers is sizing and scaling their drawings. Complimentary shipping on all books this month and most are $5.00-20.00!


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