Friday, August 9, 2013

The Ash Shirt: Convertible Style Your Way

The phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies,
and still defying fortune's spite; revive from ashes and rise.
- Miguel de Cervantes
$18.00 in Our Shop Now
Black S/M/L/XL
Ash left work excitedly that Friday. She'd gotten out of her dreary day-job late that day; her boss whittling away at her last nerve and causing her to sit in her cubicle while the doldrums of bureaucracy stack endless amounts of red tape and paperwork between her and a quaint Exit sign.

"I need a new job," she said to herself, hearing thunder in the distance and walking to her carpool.
"Or maybe just a fun night on the town! How 'bout it?" said a close girlfriend from the car window. "Come on, I got you a new outfit and there's a new bar downtown."

Getting in and strapping herself to the seat, she mused on the idea briefly, "It is supposed to rain tonight...that sounds like a good release!"
"Awesome," her friend said, peeling away into city traffic. "You can change back at my apartment and we can walk there. It's not far."
"Deal," Ash said, closing her eyes and enjoying the feel of not having to drive.

"Here we are, hun," said her friend, shutting off the car and opening the door.
Ash yawned out, "Must have dozed off."
"For sure, come on, lez go!" Her friend, always the energetic one, was all but pulling her out of the car to get her moving.
"Fine, fine," she yawned out again as she allowed herself to be led up to her friend's apartment and all but pushed into the bathroom with a bag of new clothes.
Charcoal wool tight-fitted jeans, with a loose black top that she could adjust however she wanted it to fit. Loose shoulders allowed for a lot of movement and showed off all her curves in all the right places. A set of leather cuffs complimented the outfit, she put one high on her arm and one around her wrist.
"You are going to burn down the house with how hot you are in that, Ash," her friend said, sneaking in.
"Damnit, you, don't do that!" Ash said, shooting a glare over her shoulder.
"Pfft, like that's ever going to work, let's go! Get your gray butt in gear, I want to watch it move!" her friend said, pinching her butt to get her moving.

The storm hit about halfway through their walk to the club. Neither of them were wearing white, and Ash's outfit fared better than her friend's. The water just made the clingy parts cling more and the loose parts didn't change much.
Fenix. The new club was built in the remains of a 1950's diner, and had been redesigned with a semi-Goth club in mind. The sign out front had its name in big neon letters and a phoenix rising from the ground. Perfect.
The bouncer took a few long, hard looks at the girls and let them in with a lingering stare at their backsides.
"Well, at least he thinks we're cute," her friend said, giddily.
The bass hit Ash as soon as she walked through the lobby. Something struck a tone within her and her spirit opened fully to the pulse of life on the dance floor. "Let's rock this town," she said a fire burning behind her eyes.
Like a Phoenix rising, Ash revived from her week and rode the thrills of the night.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed that story from Nash to describe what he thinks of our fall ash shirt. Life is fun when our clothes work for us to make us look cool effortlessly.

This is a convertible design I've been working on for a while as a lot of my clothing has to be worn multiple places with multiple dress codes, and I don't have room in my purse to carry 8 different changes of clothes. This shirt does everything from slutty little LBD to artisty one shoulder number, respectable office shirt, and fun beach hide-a-way. I hope you like my solution to the problem. I've taken various shots here on the mannequin showing how easy it is to simply pull one side or the other, lengthening and shortening to suit your needs. You can find me wearing it all season or pick one up for yourself in the shop for a $18.00 in soft-knit jersey. Have a great week people.

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