Monday, February 18, 2013

2 Free Tickets to the Importance of Being Earnest

           Interested in laughing your pants off for an evening with your date? We're back again with another 2 free tickets to give-a-way for The Importance of Being Earnest at Raleigh Little Theater. This is Oscar Wilde's most famous and last play. It deals with social conventions such as marriage and society in general. Please feel to enter our give-a-way by posting one fun dating misadventures of yours over the years in the comments section. As some of you know, our own dating history has been full of adventures and misadventures. When I first met Nash, I let to believe he was a 34 yr. old gay theater technician instead of a 22 yr. old senior college student. An entire comedy of errors ensued when I realized he was 7 years younger instead of 5 years older and straight. But that's a whole other story. If you've ever done something funny or stupid for love, tell us about it. Because love is a fallacy, and we all make dumb mistakes in the name of it.

Your tickets are for April 11th from 8-10:30 pm.

The Give-A-Way is between February 18th-22nd at midnight. We will announce a winner on Monday February 25th.

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  1. Well... here goes.. It was back when I first started Dating Shannon. Maybe 6 to 7 weeks in . I traveled down to SC to have Thanksgiving with my family. And then she missed me sooo much she decided to drive down 3.5 hours to be with this guy who came in to her life like a whirlwind .. maybe she was chasing me.. I don't know.. but I wasn't running. We went for a walk one night and laid down on the street looking up at the stars.. like teenagers (except we were in our thirties). Yeah, when you are in love .. all sense seems to leave you. On the way back I took her in my Arms and I prayed for her. God, thank you for Shannon ... blah blah.. After I finished, she paused .. wanting to pray for me too. I waited. And I waited. She started laughing. And finally said, I want to pray for you too.. But I can't remember your name !!! We've had quite a few good laughs thinking about that moment.