Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shop Laughter: Pandora Comedy

             In the past month, Nash has left Techshop to get a new job up the street working with one of his best friends, Ian. He's loving the change and Ian is a virtual force of mayhem. Lately, I get to come home to a whole series of new quirky jokes as they have discovered the new comedy section on Pandora. For those of you like me who are new to the upgrade, roughly a year and a half ago Pandora added roughly 10,000 comedian voice clips with jokes and stand-up routines. As someone who is always searching for more music and shop noise to add to my work day, this has been a lot of fun. So I'm passing my joy along. Click one or more of these 12 stations to add a little laughter to your day:

Today's Comedy
Raw Comedy
Comedy Icons
Urban Comedy
PG Comedy
2000s Comedy
Latino Comedy
Musical Comedy
Golden Oldies Comedy
LGBT Comedy
Jewish Comedy

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