Monday, February 4, 2013

Free Dress Rehearsal Tickets to Snow White

     Hey Everyone, hope you haven't been missing me on the blog. I've been busy piecing together a few projects. I didn't want to mention anything before in case they didn't come off as it can be a roller-coaster weeding opportunities that fly across one's desk from the actual working reality of projects that come off. I am so pleased to announce that I will be starting to work one evening at week in the costume shop at Raleigh Little Theater. The current show is Snow White and is a re-telling of the classic fairytale from the Wicked Queen's perspective (Oh the costumes!). I will hopefully be having some fun taking photos (a wonderful backstage pass) and sewing mayhem. If you are new to the area and not yet familar with Raleigh Little Theater, it is one of the oldest operating theaters in the country located in the Rose Garden a couple of blocks from NC State Campus. I've dreamed of working in their costume shop for years and creating magic, now it looks like I have my chance. One of the big things I like about Raleigh Little Theater is how almost all of their costumes are still made from SCRATCH including the wigs and hats. Hopefully a good chance to work on my tailoring skills and improve my knowledge of different time periods and costumes.
           There's a certain hesitation in ready-to-wear to try to be inspired by history instead of slavishly copying it. While I love this practicality that clothes must first and foremost always be wearable, I've often longed to have an excuse to create objects of wonder just because they make one smile. Now, I get a chance to. I hope that you too enjoy the ride. Speaking of ride, the reason for today's post: Nash and I get free comp tickets for every shop apparently and I have 2 extra for the full dress rehearsal of Snow White at the end of the month February 27th and 28th which I am giving away on the blog this week. To enter for a chance to win, simply post a comment on the blog about why you love drama or theater. I will pick one lucky winner to announce next week on Monday, February 11th. Have a great week everyone!

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  1. “Everything is raw material. Everything is relevant. Everything is usable. Everything feeds into my creativity. But without proper preparation, I cannot see it, retain it, and use it.”
    ― Twyla Tharp

    I like theater and drama because to experience it, I have to step off the crazy roller coaster of this hectic life I lead .. and for those few hours as I watch a show .. if it is a good show .. I get to find again those feelings that make me human. I get to laugh, cry and feel alive. I so much enjoy when the stage is filled with scenes that go beyond one central figure. Because life is like that. We aren't always center stage. Often our best work is in this life is off to the side.