Thursday, May 31, 2012

June with Etsy: Maker-Faire and Creative Cash

       Hey everyone, after some juggling, I am posting up June's Etsy schedule. Remember this month is Maker-Faire! Yeah, exciting. We will also be kicking off the group's daily summer listing on Friday.

June 16th: Maker-Faire: NC

 Li Sashay and a number of other artists, crafters, designers, and DIYers will be meeting out at the State Fair grounds to celebrate the spirit of making. This event is put on by Jon Danforth and a really good crowd. We will be making socks and showing off some of our new designs this year. Can't wait to see you and everyone else out there.

June 26th: Creative Cash and E-textiles Part 2 from 7-9 pm

7-8 pm: Book Review: Creative Cash by Barbara Brabec

While there are many books dedicated to furthering the craft and improving your overall skill-level, there are roughly 3 books that are important for the business side of house. We will be having a 1 hr. book discussion on my favorite book that changed how I thought about running a sewing business and most effected my bottomline called Creative Cash. We will also be talking about local resources for artists and crafters in the area to run their business. Many people are unfamiliar with the free resources available to them simply by being in this field. Banks, lawyers, insurance, grants, SCORE, etc. If you can only attend 1 meeting this year, I would recommend this one.

It is recommended that you read the book before attending.

8-9 pm: E-textiles: Part 2

Follow-up to E-textiles: Part 1 last month, we will be sewing together various projects with lights and circuits as well as using our 3D printers to interact with fabric to make cool designs.You can see a really cool video here: Be inspired. Can't wait to see everyone there.

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