Friday, May 18, 2012

Adding Standard Pricing to Our Website

            For those of you who don't know, we've been going through some growing pains the past few months which have forced us to grow-up in many ways. Nash is officially taking over sales so I have more time to sew. To that end, we have simplified the process for normal alterations, custom sewing, and prototyping on our website so clients can figure out how much things cost before coming to us and have an idea if we're in their budget or not.  I hope that this helps everyone.

The 4 major links are:

Women's Alterations
Men's Alterations
Women's Custom Sewing
Men's Tailoring

              We will still continue to do rapid prototyping for customers which will come with a non-refundable $50/hr. charge for sewing time plus materials. If you have inquiries about a custom job or want to do contract sewing, please contact Nash at: He normally responds within 24 hrs.

              Have a great day everyone.

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