Thursday, May 3, 2012

Escape for a Day to Ancient Japan

      This week Nash and I are escaping the weekly grind having fun rediscovering ancient Japanese culture. Something I find fascinating. There's something so beautifully simple and complicated contrast when studying their textiles. They do some of the most ornate embroidery anywhere, but on the other hand have geometric family crests.

          This inspired Nash to put on his jewelry designer hat and create a few limited edition leather pieces inspired by the ancient ruling houses of feudal Japan. Mostly because I think he likes weapons, samuri warriors, and leather. I love how simple and clean the pieces turned out once they were embossed, cut, and hammered to reveal their final luster. A way to wear your inner warrior on the outside.

         You can pair them with simple clean flowing lines of a classic wrap dress, jeans and t-shirt, or comfortable pants.

           Check out the online store to pick your own or give as a gift this season. Ships free anywhere in the USA.

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