Monday, June 11, 2012

Upgrading The Shop This Week: Leather Consew for Sale

        Wow, it's been a great weekend. I am so excited about Father's Day and some fun plans in the works I can't talk about yet for a shop upgrade. Yeah, shiny new toys and kick butt awesome projects it's amazing how much difference a month or two can make in this business. One of the new things Nash and I decided on this weekend is that with the new machines we are getting for the shop, we need to clean up the space and get rid of some of our duplicate machines. Namely our leather Consew 124 machine. It's a great machine and works beautifully, but we have two and my assistant does not do leather work yet so hopefully someone else can benefit from having such a lovely machine at their disposal.
         I have posted the machine on Craigslist for $500, a total steal. If you're interested, you can e-mail me this week and let me know. I'm also looking at selling our spare electronic Singer 591D that I've kept around for parts if anyone is interested in an extra head, table, or motor in working order let me know. The control box blew a fuse, but the rest of the machine is fine. If you know how to fix electronics or want to convert it to a normal non-electronic version, I'd be happy to let it go cheap. Hopefully someone whose a techie in the group will benefit, our sewing repair man was out Friday to look it over and test it out. Have a great Monday everyone and I have a really great fun project for you to look at this week.

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