Friday, June 22, 2012

Textile Friday: The Shop is Booked Solid

            Thank you our customers, we are booked full-time through the Christmas season. Wow, what a great feeling. We are also not taking any more artist and designer contract work, just straight sales, if you fall in love with a look. While I love artists and designers, I got into this business to make better clothing and textiles for everyday people ready-to-wear. After a year of thinking over the matter, I love designers, but you are my customer.
             The current designer craze is obscuring some hard truths that we have gotten older, fatter, and taller as a civilization. People twist away from the norm in different ways. In our rush to find the average, most of us, the irregulars, have been left out. Me? My butt is too big. My boobs too small. My left and right wrists are a half inch different. I have large hands for a woman. I'm a fat American. And worst for a lover of shoes is my feet are a half size off. If you're human, you have your own character list of defects. Even the models have the bits about themselves they don't love.
              These differences make you interesting, unique, and you. When I was a kid I used to love reading Sherlock Holmes and how the journey we take through life is written on ourselves. Why we make clothes, bags, and everything is to clothe you to your best. This does not mean we will not do fun projects, but we want everything the label does must answer the fundamental why question. :-) To the start of a great season.

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