Monday, June 18, 2012

June 26th: Local Resources in Our Area Etsy Meeting

          Hi everyone, we will be meeting at Roth Brewing this coming Tuesday to drink beer and talk about local resources for artists and crafters in the area. Many people spend most of their time obsessively looking for better supply sources (aka- how can I get the best deal on x, y, or z) and miss the necessary business sources such as bankers, lawyers, guilds, SCORE, etc. Many of these are available for free or little cost as long as you are local in the area. Not everyone knows there is a local free legal advice for artists place in downtown Raleigh which is full of local lawyers who offer their services to local artists and crafters to help them run their business. There is no magic deal on fabric, buttons, paint, or brushes that will keep you in business or make you a success. Believe me, I know this from painful personal experience. The great news is that you are not in this alone and you have lots of people who want to support you and make you a success.
          Not everyone can paint a masterpiece, but there are a lot of people out there who want to see you paint yours. This summer we are focusing on the meta-skills to run an art and crafts business. While there are many people who will tell you what you should and should not do, there is one book we will be discussing which I think is necessary if you are serious about making money at the business of art. Some people have heard me mention it before and we have several copies in our library available for check-out because I think it's that important. The book is called Creative Cash by Barbara Brabec. It is available inexpensively on Amazon for $3-4 with shipping. If you haven't read this, I would encourage you to do so for the meeting. Look forward to seeing everyone there.

Please register on Skillshare. The event is free, but people who are here for the Etextiles part have already paid for their kits. You are welcome to come learn, but you will need to order your own etextiles kit off Sparkfun if you have not already paid.

Thanks. :-)