Friday, June 15, 2012

Couch Surfing Dads, Happy Father's Day!

                  This week, Nash and I wanted to have some fun and celebrate Father's Day. Every few weeks Nash's Dad comes to visit and sacks out on our couch. I think that men have a special love for comfy couches for lazy afternoon naps. Unfortunately, most new couches today are made with cheap foam which looks great, but is awful to relax on. To help dad's backs everywhere sleep better, Nash, Dejah, and I put together a short Instructable on how to make individual fabric pockets to house the springs and tie everything together to make soft old-school cushions. One of the important things to watch when going from foam to springs is that you reinforce the cushions so that there is little pressure on the wood to prevent it from splintering. Modern furniture is normally made with wood composite instead of hardwood so it is more easily fractured under long-term stress.

                    So thank you Dads everywhere for all the little stuff you do to make our lives better. Including never saying anything when all we have is a couch. Have a great weekend everyone! And thank you George. We love you.

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