Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sat Photoshoot 1-4 pm

             Alright, we are going ahead and posting pictures of the location for the photoshoot at Umstead Park. For everyone who is coming, we are meeting at: Techshop RDU
                 5905 Triangle Drive
                 Raleigh, NC 27617
                 (919) 782-2344.

Please call the front desk if you get lost and need directions. We meet  at 1 pm and at 1:15 pm we will head over to the park where we will set-up and start shooting at 1:30 pm. Break down is at 3:30 pm.

             If you need directions, from Glenwood, turn into Umstead Park and drive all the way to the end. Look for the lake/sign which says "Boathouse" in front of you. Follow the path 500 yards to your right down to the Boathouse where we will be shooting.

             There are four separate stations for the models, they will rotate every 30 minutes for people to take different shots, perspectives, etc. Hopefully this will give everyone a chance to goof around and have fun. In order from left to right, the 4 locations are:

1. The dock- There's a huge dock that juts into the water and little cove below it. Models can move anywhere for shots in this area. Please be aware that sometimes owners with friendly dogs will come by so be prepared for cute guys and wet dogs.

2. The Bridge- A cool metal bridge is right before the dock, you can rest on either side or intertwine yourself in rungs. Lots of good possibilities. These are mostly for edgy shots. You can shoot from either location. There's a tree on one side and not on the other so shots are softer closer to the boathouse and more crisp closer to the dock.

3.Below the Bridge/Falls- There's an amazing rock formation and landscape directly below the bridge. If you're at the bottom looking up, wow. Especially with a few clouds in the sky. I don't know how many people will be brave enough to climb on those rocks, but they are awesome.

4. The Boathouse- This spot has a number of good shots both in front of the boathouse with an old well, fence, and sign. There is also a small path that goes behind the boathouse to some great small trees and water for very nice frames shots.

Everyone will be setting up at 1:30 at the 4 locations. The models will then rotate every 30 minutes until 3:30 when we break-down and go home.

I'm really excited to see this come together and can't wait to see all the raw talent. Yeah, next week...recap and we start releasing our new product.

Check in tomorrow as we discuss how to build a core wardrobe.

You may see more photos on facebook.

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