Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More Cute Models for the Sat Photoshoot

    Alright, I'm a bit behind in posting models to the blog that will be at the Sat shoot. We are catching up from an awesome first night of 3D printing. I will be posting pictures shortly, it was nice to see the class come together so smoothly after much work. Busy weeks are always good. Alright, today we have 2 fun models Heidi and Mikki. Both of these are what I would call traditional models. They've done a number of guest appearances, etc. A slim build and great faces the camera loves. I hope you also have as much fun photographing them in person.

Just a reminder for everyone who is coming, we will be meeting at Techshop RDU, 5905 Triangle Drive, Raleigh, NC 27617 at 1 pm and then everyone will be driving over to Umstead Park together to do test catalog photos. If you come late, please see the front desk for a copy of the map to handle parking.

Bring business cards for contact info and I will be compiling a master list for any artists or crafters who can not attend in case you need a model for an upcoming photoshoot you're doing.

The going rate in the area is $100 per half day (1-2 hrs.) and $200 per day (3-6 hrs.). This meeting is free, but you will need to plan to pay for all follow up sessions.

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