Friday, October 28, 2011

Textile Friday: Pet's Wear

One of the big growing local unexpected trends is Luxury Pet's Wear. Some of you remember when the crazy dog costumes and anthropomorphizing trend that started almost a decade ago. This is mostly cheap Halloween costumes ten years later, not a lifestyle. The following photo comes from as an example of a fun season costume you can pick up for under $10.
These days pets are not seen so much as human as separate and equal with the ability to have reasoning powers of their own. As a result, the advertising has gone upscale in many way though anyone who has seen a LOL Cat knows cat owners ascribe all types of intelligence to their feline guests. Nash's favorite is the I CAN HAS CHEEZEBURGER? cat which has been reprinted in a million and one locations.
This shift in perception has also led to an interesting shift in product. One of the quiet growing trends has been people creating really great hand-tooled collars, leashes, and other fun creations at affordable prices. You're also seeing great quality dog beds, cat bowls, and simple practical presents. Franky, as a pet owner, I LOVE this. I don't know if it will go big, but a lovely elegant trend Chino, our dog, is loving.

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