Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day Three: Custom Eyeglasses case

These leather sunglasses covers were originally designed for a friend who makes custom metal shades. Igaaks are wicked fun metal shades that wrap around the head. You may have seen them on the steam-punk scene in NY and Europe, however they do not fit in standard cases for obvious reasons.

While designing the covers for him, I also realized that the covers had another more practical use for me and perhaps the rest of us. I'm continually losing...well...more than I care to admit...sunglasses. Especially expensive or perscription glasses can be awful to lose. I often rely on Nash's photographic memory, but have misplaced more than a few pairs of sunglasses over the year to the beach, pool, friend's barbeques, etc. Now with our custom engraver, I can take our leather cases and engrave them individually for you. You can either engrave the entire face of the case or just put a logo or watermark in the corner. The case also includes a small medallion and thong to attach to the actual glasses if you prefer more security. This way a person who finds your misplaced (never lost) glasses has a way to return them to you.

You can pick one up online out of our etsy shop here:

Note: For simple check-out simply include your design and standard or specific sizing at check-out to purchase.

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