Thursday, July 7, 2011

Guest Lecturing At Friday Center On NC State

We are so excited to be guest lecturing at the Friday center on NC State's Centennial CampusWeds July 13th and 27th from 3 to 5 pm for Algebra and Geometry Teachers about math in the workplace.Link Obviously as a designer, math is something you use every day and it is really exciting to me to hopefully help give back to my alma mater. All 3 of us went to State for our undergrads and while we were certainly not the best or brightest students around, it was a wonderful experience and I owe them a lot. Math is a necessary tool. I look forward to seeing everyone there and meeting fun new faces. You will be able to view the finished video they shot in there for the 2011 series on the stem website: in a few weeks.

A big thanks to Sarah Stein and her crew for dropping by last week and all their hard work. It was so much fun to have you.

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