Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Etsy Christmas in July Sale/Meet-up: 25 % Off

Thank you so much everyone who came out to the July Etsy Meeting. We had a wonderful time with the guest speaker, Kaeti, from Tyler Poncho, who talked about making stuffed animals. Thanks again for your time and help. It was so nice to have you. Several members also brought glassware and made custom creations. We all had a great time and talked about the official start of Etsy's annual Christmas in July Sale today which will run through the 25th of the month. You can visit our shop and use the coupon code: ChristmasInJuly for 25% off. I am so excited to be participating in this for a second year in a row.

My favorite part of the meeting was seeing the fun creatures everyone imagined. They all were completely different. It was a creative blast of fresh air. You can see more photos on flicker.

To celebrate Christmas in July, Nash has also put together a small surprise and is offering a selection of his Spring Collection at 60-75% off for $5.00 normally $12-18.00. The kiln is up ad running and he is excited to be training under a master craftsman for doing high-end custom production in the fall. We hope to be able to show some of his unique pieces and perhaps do a meet-up in September or October based on jewelry making techniques.

We hope you are having an awesome summer too! I have several great guests and speakers lined up for our August 9th meeting. Check back next week to see the plan. Have a lovely day!

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