Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Dress A Day

So this past week a friend sent me this wonderful link to a blog called "New Dress A Day." I must say it was so much fun to see. The premise is a California chick, turning 30 has just been laid off from her job and has decided to cope by creating 365 new looks (1 per day) for $365. I must say I totally dug this creative junkie binge of mind candy. Me, while sewing in a factory and industrial settings means that you rarely create 1 of anything. I struggle SOOOOooo much with the tortured creative end. I mean if you create a look, it needs to be in multiple sizes, colors, etc. You often do not 1, but several dozen of a particular look or style. This blog was pure fun.
While I don't know if it would work here in North Carolina and I haven't been to any $1 clothing yard sales around here, I love the idea of creating one of a kind looks from recycled other ideas and past treasures. It also was a great source for things like using Rite Dye to rescue stained fabrics or create different colored pieces.
I hope that you get a chance this week to check it out. This may be one of my favorite design blogs at the moment. I can't wait to see how the year ends.

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