Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jewelry Design 2.0- Beta Testing

One of my girl friends, Elizabeth designs high-end jewelry with the label Rapt. She's amazing. You can see her website and some of her wonderful pieces in Bauble Boutique and Scoop down in Ballantyne Charlotte. We actually live in the same neighborhood and met due to our mutual dog love. If you are ever in the neighborhood, I encourage you to go see some of her pieces. They're unique, one of a kind pieces of art well worth the price of precious metals and semi-precious stones.
I love clothes, the touch, the feel of fabric sliding through your fingers. Measuring the weight and quality to me symbolizes all is right with the world. Elizabeth, along with several other of my other friends are AMAZING jewelry artists. Me, I make good $5-20 pieces from favorite antique buttons mostly and a fair amount of industrial glue, normally to match a jacket or purse I fell in love with. Totally different style, that's why we have friends who let us drool at their work. Anyways, most of them have switched away from using glue to metal soldering for added strength and I've decided to try it out myself the next month or so before the show. It will also make it easier to make custom clasps for purses and such.
And I would love to have any former customer and their choice of 1 friend who wants to be a beta tester drop me a note so I can mail you between now and September 25th. There are 4 simple steps:

1) At the end of this post, add a comment with your name and if you want the name of one of your best friends and their e-mail who you want to share your new free treasure with. Drop me an e-mail if your address has changed, otherwise, I already have it on file.
2) Note if you want a necklace or earrings.
3) Wait until the week after September 25th for you free gift to arrive.
4) Wear it for a month and if you like it or have any suggestions for how to make it work better for you, let me know in the follow up blog post on October 25th.

That's all.

Have a great week. I hope to hear from you. It is my goal to continually improve the quality of service I have to offer you the customer.


  1. Hello! This is Mandy Frank (amanda.frank@smithsdetection.com). My best friends name is Lisa Shoun (princess_lisa_lisa@yahoo.com). I have bought 3 purses from you; 2 were for me and 1 was for someone else. I adore mine and the person I bought the other one for absolutely loved it. Your work is wonderful, keep it up!! I would love to try out any of your products!!

  2. Thanks Amanda! I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying them! Have a great week and I look forward to having you try out the jewelry! :-)