Sunday, August 15, 2010

Designing Leather and Fur: Hertzburg Furs

The next couple of weeks, I will be transitioning from doing industrial factory work to beginning an internship at Hertzburg Furs training in using fur/leather as design mediums for my line. My hope is that they'll decide to keep me long term as it's a wonderful, friendly company to work for, and everyone is A talent which is rare to find these days vs. 1 or 2 star players. They're considered some of the best in the world and the owner ran some Nieman Marcus high-end design for about 8 yrs. I'm learning the ins and outs of the business. In case any of you think this is glamorous, let's just say I'm a low level design intern who spends most of my days sewing and slicing up my fingers with a needle. My long-term goal is to continue to improve both my ability and raise the quality of my work to eventually be designing in this medium. Hertzburg is interested in maybe taking some of my purses and recreating them in fur and leather which is exciting to me to be recognized.
All the animals that they buy are raised humanely and certified to have lived a cruelty free life. So far I've learned a lot about the dying and laser process which has grown tremendously in allowing designers today to treat fur as something closer to fabric than it used to be. However, there is A LOT of work and detail so I won't claim that this is something I will be able to offer to clients immediately. However, my goal is to constantly improve my abilities and grow with the industry to give clients the best possible product at the highest standards. And to recognize that quality has to improve with time. I realize there's a lot of faux fur and leather on the market now, but the quality still lags far behind the real stuff so much that I think it's important to learn from the experts. Hertzberg is one of those leaders and I feel lucky they let me in the door.
It has continued to be a struggle to take my ideas from the sales floor and paper to the work room, but I'm enjoying the challenge and the people I get to meet. To all of you, good luck this week following your dreams.

Next week: The Magic Conference in LA

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