Friday, April 20, 2012

Textile Friday: Advice on Starting A Small Business

             "Many people think that the most important part of a startup is the initial idea (you often hear ‘I want to start a company but don't have any ideas'). What they don't realize is that coming up with ideas is actually the easy part—the hard part is executing on them." ~Dave Gilboa in "Goop"
              Today is my birthday and I would like to give you a gift of the most important article that I have read in 3 years since starting a small business. I know I normally post about textile topics on Friday, but it's been one of those weeks where I've been reminded of the stark difference between ideas and reality and wanted to give you the best wisdom I have read this year. Apt advice is rare and often overlooked due to it's simplicity. The longer I am in business, the more I come to believe that an ability to understand if a thought is worth executing is the difference between chasing a fantasy and building something of value. And it gets down to a fundamental question that must be asked: "Is there any real value in producing this idea?"
              I hope this gives you value today. Especially to my fellow designers and small business owners. So go read the article and ask yourself, "What do you believe is worth producing? How do you measure your creative spark?" It is a question I am forced to answer again and again in this business. I hope reading this article helps as much as it has helped me. And happy Friday, today I am 31.

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