Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NCSU Art2Wear

      Tonight, I had the most fun getting to see my old intern produce her spring collection for NCSU's Art2Wear Fashion Show. Her steampunk princess look was very tongue-in-cheek. You could see all her models smiling as they walked down the runway in their looks. Especially the wings at the end which were more flying Leonardo Da Vinci than Victoria Secret model. This is fashion show was probably the most fun I have had in a while, mostly because of how much whimsy the students had doing their pieces. Students take all types of risks in their collections that you rarely see in established designers and it makes for a lovely evening as you can take a break from the seriousness of ready-to-wear.
      One collection featured a collection of dresses made from bubbles, another oversized bones, and some moss and necklaces of glass blown filled with water portraying the elements. It's fun to see designers take themselves less seriously.
       Anyways, congrads Ella and best of luck in grad school in the fall. I'm sure you will go far in the theatre.

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