Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day Twenty-One: Leather Keychain Holders

                      Today I'm busy catching up on New Year's orders for clients, which is great fun. It's nice to spend your day to the pleasant thrum of a sewing machine. This is hands down my favorite activity to be tied to and one it often seems I have to juggle between my other demands to carve out time for. This week has been awesome in that most of it has been spent humming quietly to myself behind a one of the sewing machines. That all weeks this coming year could be so pleasant. Nash and I have been busy filling orders and making samples for a variety of new and returning clients. Some of my favorite new pieces this season are notable not for their size (we can all remember that monstrous kite last season), but their practicality. I especially love the leather key-chain holders I've been doing for a friend this week. These fun key-chains are especially a favorite as they boast of Germany metal clasps which I sadly do not have as much of an occasion to use as I would like. This exception bodes well. I hope that you get to pick one of these up at your next Craft Show. Have a great day. See you back tomorrow.

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