Friday, December 30, 2011

Textile Friday: My Muse, Papa Jack

      This week, my grandfather passed away and his wake is today. I had another post planned out for today, but it seemed more fitting somehow to talk about the man that got me into the business and is responsible for giving me much of the success I have today. There's a number of people in my family that sew and sell clothing, my Aunt Mimi likes to say it's in the family blood.
        That blood starts with my grandfather. He ran an upscale department store chain Brownhills out of Greensboro, NC that he bought into with my late grandmother back at the beginning. My grandmother was famous for doing the store displays while my grandfather worked his charm.
         It's somewhat funny that they both got into clothing because the story goes that when my grandmother first got married apparently my great-grandmother threw away all her clothes because their family tradition was the man provided all the clothes for his wife after marriage while they were on their honeymoon. My grandmother got back from her honeymoon and suddenly found herself with a week's worth of summer clothes and no winter coat with fall coming. This was right after the war and they were both too poor to buy a second coat so as a kid I was fascinated listening to him talk about them both having to huddle together in his dress coat for warmth walking around downtown from the corner store she worked in the 3 blocks to their apt until spring came.
       It's a great story and being Irish one that grew with the years, but I've always thought that first winter together was what made them fall in love so much with women's sweaters, dresses, bridal gowns, and smart gloves. A clothing affair that started with mutual love and respect. And one cold bride.
        Li Sashay is just finishing up our second year and it's hard to see what the next one will bring. I'm equally excited to see the path that being a textile design company will take us. Many of the things I thought would bring us fame and fortune have not, and other unexpected requests have been wonderful for us. It's been a bit like spending a year freezing in summer clothes, where you show up thinking yourself completely prepared and instead find yourself completely out of your element and under-dressed.
         In the midst of this, I must say that it has been your support dear customers, friends, and family that has gotten us through a rough and wonderful year. It has been a thousand and one little things, most of them probably unnoticeable to you, but that meant so much to us. We simply would not have been able to be here, writing this blog post, without your help.
        It is hard to see yet at these beginning stages if we will have the same love affair my grandparents did, but we are hopeful and can't wait to see where it goes. So thank you. And we can't wait to see you back next year.


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  1. Here's to fond memories and hopeful future. We'll all miss him.