Monday, December 26, 2011

Day Seventeen: Consews and Dressmaker

 Note: All machines are officially sold. Thank you everyone who dropped by and picked one up.

Today we're offering up a little of our shop goodness in 3 machines we have for sale from our huge shop upgrade. These are great machines to get started on in the business of textiles. They are machines I used at the start and stood me well as reliable through my first few years of sewing in the business. It's great for you if you're looking to get into the business or simply want a reliable machine to use from time to time. I hope they will bring you happiness as well.

Sold Dressmaker- Super Dial Sewing Machine with Table

This first fun zig-zag machine has been used on everything from making bags to the 40 ft. kite I sewed on this blog. Many (probably most of the items) on here have been sewn with this model and I love her dearly. She's light weight solid metal and a great bridge between home and commercial sewing machines if you're looking to branch out but not yet ready for the full speed of an industrial. Comes with her own table, extra bobbins, and a great machine. I've loved using her and you simply can't go wrong with the Dressmaker brand.

Consews- Heavy Duty with Table and Motors

We have 2 lovely working Consews available for sale. They are both in working order and similar heavy duty models ideal for making bags and accessories. The first model is in working order with all parts. The second model is also in working order, but is missing a head-plate and thread take up-lever. You can cover the head-plate with cardboard and replace the lever for $8-12 on ebay or we can do it for you, but since it's not in perfect working condition we are offering it at the lower price. I'm told that the parts are easy to find and replace, we simply have not had the time to do so. 

If you would like to view the machines or test them out, please drop by our studio at:

5905 Triangle Drive
Raleigh, NC 27617

Email beforehand is always appreciated to let us know you are coming:

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