Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day Fourteen: Linen Labels

      Well, Friday was a big crazy day. Nash spent most of the day bottling. And Roth released their much anticipated newly bottled FoeHammer Beer. While I can't take credit for the delicious beer, the cool linen tags sitting on top come to you courtesy of our little shop. Each label is hand-printed using 12th century traditional techniques developed as a quality seal to by shipping merchants. I hope that this beer has an equally long and profitable career ahead of it. And if you get a chance, pick up a bottle at your local store.

I have just been informed that people are using the labels as Christmas decorations! Awesome! Glad to see people enjoying a little holiday flare.


  1. Wow! The wine label actually makes for an attractive sight in your Christmas tree. That's very thoughtful of you. =)

    Granville Lochrico

  2. I so glad you enjoyed this post. I love these labels too.