Monday, May 10, 2010

May Crafting in Charlotte

Hi and welcome to Li Sashay's blog. This is where I plan to discuss the ups and downs of starting one's own company. I also plan to share tips for making stuff and quality control. It's been a long month for the company, we added jewelry to the company and it's been a slow start. We also added some dresses some a local designer, but so far it's mostly eyeballs, not sales that we've attracted. I've been forced to go get a job as the company has had really inconsistent sales the past month which all start-ups go through and after 6 months still hasn't leveled out.

I'm not giving up, but I am looking to take my living expenses off the cash flow requirements for the company. It constantly continues to surprise me how much a company has to evolve to reach the next stage. After doing a number of shows successfully the past months, the last 4 weeks someone could have sold crickets to the shows I went to. Boutiques have done well, but nothing else really. So this month, shifting focus away from shows (only plan to do one this month)as it's just too expensive to keep dropping $20 a show with no returns. Etsy continues to be a financial drain, but it is getting me advertising. I keep wanting to write it off, but it does help people find my brand and people at shows mention it so I feel as if the advertising might be worth it. I'm going to try daily listing this month again and see if it helps. Also, want to create a shirt this week. I need to keep doing clothes as it does seem to draw people into the shop even if they don't buy it that frequently.