Monday, May 31, 2010

The Count of Monte Cristo and Anna Sui

So I finally got around to watching the famous remake of the Count of Monte Cristo that came out last year. It features some amazing set/clothing designs by California artist, Anna Sui, one of my favorite US clothing designers. She is always creative and this movie didn't fail to do so. If you haven't seen it yet, it's available for free on Funamation and you can see it by clicking the link provided: One of the harder things for me about designing my own stuff has been about finding the creative juices to keep making stuff and how important it is to stop and take the time to find inspiration. It's easy to be inspired when you only have to make 1 unique item once, it's extremely hard to find it when you are spending a good portion of every day making the same item over and over in different colors, styles, or sizes to fill your shop. For me the creative process dies a little each time in the words "AGAIN."

Unfortunately, doing things repeatedly really improves your skill level and speed so it's a constant battle between the creative side of you that wants to foster new one of a kind items and track down the latest idea vs. the paying the bills side of you that knows you need to crack out 2, 10, or 100 items today to pay the bills.

But you have to find the balance. So giving your soul the creative time: A walk, a visit to the museum, a book. The important thing to remember is to stop and take time for the head-space you need to foster that creative element in yourself without resorting to a form of escapism. I normally take Sundays off just to dream. So yesterday, instead of doing work, I dusted off an old movie that I had been meaning to see the past year.

It's an Asian remake of the Count of Monte Cristo which was recommended to me last year for it's creative use of clothing in the future and although I had mixed feelings as the thing is over 6 hrs. long (think asian space opera and you have it about right), I found myself strangely inspired by the usual color/patterns and actually enjoyed the entire thing. There were some corny moments of course with the required giant robots battle which made me think of Saturday Morning Cartoons (Go-go-Power Rangers), but by in large it was a good complex retelling of the story.

It also made me feel revived and ready to dust off my creative sketchbooks which have taken a hit this week as I've been busy moving to a new space, making stuff, and mailing out packages. So, go remember to take creative time for yourself this week and I'd love to hear what inspires you to create what you do.

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