Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hand-Hemming Tutorial Live On Instructables

              Alright, after much delay, the next post in our series on how to do professional alterations by hand: hemming. I generally only do this type of handwork for theater/higher-end clients. That's normally whisked out of my hands the moment it's done, so took some time to finish a skirt and top with more traditional elements for you to enjoy seeing. They will be available for sale in the Etsy shop (The online shop is alive again and slowly growing).
                I have so many pieces to list, thankfully I'm getting some help there so by the end of the month we should be back up to full steam. I have some wicked new leather bags to show off and cute outfits. You'll get to see my new working lightbox for rainy days and close up photographs on the smaller one of a kind pieces in my shop. Lots of fun! Have a great day everyone.

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