Monday, January 7, 2013

A2O Photography Workshop January 19th: 2-6 pm

          Welcome back from Christmas, we are all primed and excited to start a new year. This month and next Roth is remodeling their bar to expand so we will be next door in the conference room of Techshop:

5905 Triangle Drive
Raleigh, NC 27617

         Photography basics is 4 hours of magic. While we will have an outdoor photography session in a few months when the weather warms up, the purpose of this session is to handle the soup, nuts, and bolts of the back end of photography. Especially what to do if it rains or you need a catalog shot. Everyone can take a photo, that doesn't mean it's any good.
         While we could do this as a lecture series, photography is more of an active sport so we will have a number of stations set-up for people to practice their skills. You are welcome to bring your camera and/or product to practice at each station. Each station will be set-up with props and people to hold your hand. Since this is very hands on, we ask that each member limit themselves to 15 minutes at each station so others get a chance to try everything out.

1. Light Cube Station- Ever wonder how jewelry catalogs and shiny new products get those clean shots on small products? The answer is they use a light box and micro lens. Learn how to set-up the cube, position lights, and take shots for small pieces.

2. GIMP Photo Editing Software- Learn how to edit photos with this great free software program you can download off the internet. Please download this program and bring in your laptop, tablet, smartphone...etc.

3. Instagram- Check out the latest internet craze. Fun, fast, and easy to use....try out this new iPhone app.

4. Live models and backdrops- Our lovely Katie will be modeling for you against the backdrop of your choice.

5. Shooting Outside Shots- This last part will depend on the weather, but if it's pretty we will do some practice shots outside (maybe at Umstead Park).

Note: Today's photos come from our latest Instructable on casting metal from 3D Printing. It's already got a couple thousand hits which is exciting. To more fun in your week.

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  1. Sounds so great.
    I'll be in S. FL. but will be wanting to be there.