Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A20 Quilting Bee: February 9th and 16th (2-6 pm)

              Hey guys, remember the Quilting Bee last year? It was so much fun we decided to bring it back this year! :-) I literally spent the whole time having fun and forgot to take a single picture. A first in Acorn to Oak history. Needless to say, you must come. No matter your sewing experience we can teach you. Here's some of the finished ones from last year after the event. Bring your own pattern/fabric from left-over shirts and quilting fabric at the shops up the street or come work on ours which will be donated to the local Linus Foundation make a blanket day in downtown Raleigh. 

Note: If you are interested in donating fabric for the event, please bring machine washable cotton or other fabric that can stand up to heavy abuse. Kids like bright colors and/or geometric patterns. :-) We also invite people to bring their sewing machine if you want to learn how to sew or have a refresher.

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