Monday, October 15, 2012

October 23rd:Online Licensing for Fine/Graphic Artists and Kite Making

        This past weekend, the VAE had it's semi-annual "The Business of Being An Artist." As usual, they're a great group! This week we are focusing on paper. The first is part is for my fine artists friends who constantly ask me how they can make a living of their art.

October 23rd from 7-8 pm: Online Licensing for Fine/Graphic Artists aka Cafepress (The New Guards): Traditionally, graphic artists were part of the Guild or worked either free-lance or as part of a firm. Graphic and fine artists have a distinct advantage in the arts and crafts game in that their works are copyrighted so you have a lot of options for licensing which means you can build up a revenue stream overtime which generates income for you even if your latest work was not a hot seller. We will talk about the latest online trend, which is corporate licensing by online print firms for profit. The big player in this game is called "" However, we also have local players like Spoonflower, etc. We will talk about rates, the two major types of art buyers, how to take good photos/make online sketches for print, and online graphic sales. I hope this will help all the painters, sketch artists, and other traditional fine artists understand how to build an online shop for free without having to invest in purchasing a lot of physical inventory. This is an adjunct to traditional outlets. This is especially good as most artists can not afford to invest in a lot of inventory sitting in a warehouse somewhere taking up space.

October 23rd from 8-9 pm: Traditional and New Kite Making: Kites are one of the oldest and simplest toys to make. They are also something that make everyone smile. All you need is string, crepe or tissue paper, wooden sticks (dowels or bbq skewers are recommended), glue, markers, wire (optional), and imagination. Like the band, if you can dream it up, you can fly it.
       Can't wait to see you for a night of mayhem...and feathers welcome!

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