Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Custom Order: Bronycon Messenger Bag

           Today, I wanted to release a fun project I've been working on for a friend for Bronycon. Charlie was inspired by the stained glass windows in My Little Pony. Most of our custom orders are created to make my customers smile and this one definitely hit the mark. I was going to take more, but Charlie made off like a bandit with his new prize! Hopefully you can see the custom leather graphics we did based on his sketches below.
             Custom orders are always a favorite. I do need to start posting more requests online. Roughly 2% of the work our shop does ends up on the internet, the vast majority of it is sold directly to buyers. I'm horrible at taking actual photos as the making part is my favorite!
             But, sometimes...I have great friends and customers who let me take photos. So today...a custom bag for you to see. :-)

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