Friday, August 17, 2012

Textile Friday: Project Runway Is Back!

                      Project Runway is back again for an stunning Season 10. It's a guilty pleasure to watch this show. I can't imagine the luxury most of these designers get to express their own voice which tells me at least that my commercial/brand work is overwhelming the process a little these days. Looking forward to Sparkcon a lot lately as it's a chance to open up and let the public see some of my private work.
                      My clear favorite this season is Dmitry Sholokhov. He calls himself a draper, but his stuff is lovely and very controlled for most drapers I know. He's a couple years older than me at 33 so his sewing is just drool worthy. I hope I will have half of his draping talent one day as I tend to lean towards flat patterning first and only approach draping second with eyes closed and a pained expression. Several of the judges have already commented on his sample making abilities. You can see their minds going, "How do I get him to be mine?" However, after the toss away last season with Anya over Viktor, I will reserve my opinions on this show. We'll see who actually wins vs. who is the most capable. Fashion, like life, is not always given to the most talented or able. I wish that had been covered in school that high test scores to not equal success in the real world. Still, I am hopeful. I just love seeing New York's garment district. Many of my sources, I have to drive around the State for, the idea of being able to walk into a store like Mood and just buy fabric like the selection they have is mind-blowing. Most factories around here go to one place for one thing and another for something else. Even Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC doesn't touch the garment district. Ah well, a girl's gotta dream. Well, I'm sitting back and watching this with happy popcorn on my one day-off a week.

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