Monday, March 14, 2011

Teaching Spring Classes at Durham Scrap Exchange

So I've been sitting on this great news for a couple of weeks, but it became official today. I will be teaching a class this spring at the Durham Scrap Exchange in alterations and mending. It felt really good to give back as Julia, Ruth, Anne, Daniel, and a bunch of others there helped me two years ago when I was getting my feet wet off the ground.

It's a very practical class, and will hopefully boil down the basics for people in terms of how to do basic 5-15 min fixes and repairs on their clothing. Also, it will provide a taste of not just fixing your clothes, but taking them to the next level in terms of creating a new look/better fix for you.

So if you get a chance this week, go sign up. All proceeds go to the local community. And you might just enjoy learning how to sew on a button.

PS- The photo here is from a basic 36 piece sewing kit on Amazon.

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