Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Jewelry on Etsy and Artfire

Last week, I had fun meeting Wren who runs ZenandCoffee on etsy. She makes versatile fingerless gloves. It was hugely inspirational and she had a lot of good tips for better posting online and local shows. Today Nash and I had fun listing some of our spring glass and semi-precious jewelry. My favorite are the blue dangle ones.
You can see them on the right. They all come in the new packaging for March. I've been upgrading the packaging to be easier to read in boutiques with the prices printed directly on them.

Dangle earrings are a favorite because they help make your neck look slimmer, longer, and thinner. Like v-necked shirts they help minimize the lines in your neck that make a woman look older. Granted it's an optical trick, but it's a good one and it helps take years off your appearance. Everyone looks good in chandelier/dangle earrings for a reason. So we are spreading a little beauty this spring season. I know all you gals always look good, these are just designed to help bring out your maximum potential. So hears to another good week.

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