Monday, October 7, 2013

Textile Videos Worth Watching: Hot Patterns

      Ok, this week I'm busy catching up on Trudy's youtube videos while I do a bunch of handsewing for my Halloween costume. The plan at this point is to make myself a custom corsets for a night on the town, but I'm going to reserve judgement until I'm farther along as lingerie is COMPLETELY out of my previous experience depth. Here's to picking up new skills.
       I really love her videos and Sandra (Power Sewing), however I'm always torn on the actual buying of the patterns as I'm not really her customer body type (more a spoon than a rectangle) and most of my commercial work is in menswear. If you want to step your sewing up a notch, I can suggest spending a few minutes of your day for a month on her 7-8 min tutorials for a month or two. She's posted 12 hours overall. All of it is worth watching. The patterns she makes are reasonably priced in my opinion in the range of $7-12.00 each. Not as cheap as a large scale company, but certainly within range for someone producing them privately. Great for the home sewer, especially if you are plagued by a problem tummy.
       So, what are you making for Halloween?

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