Monday, April 29, 2013

Up-dating E-mail Address: Dara Page

       Hey everyone, I know this news is about 7 months overdue since the wedding was in October, but I am officially posting on the blog that my new e-mail address is now: You will still be able to reach me at my old e-mail address:, but the website/facebook, etc. have been updated to reflect the changes. Yeah, married life paperwork. Also, Nash and I are switching out sales duties (He took over that position last year while I was doing wedding planning) to give him more free time in his new design shop (Affectionately called the "man cave".) which is only fair after a year of him doing it. I can't wait to see what fun and twisted metal and wood creations come out of this.
        Have a great week everyone and may your life be full of joy and change. Also, today's photos are curtsy of my good friend, Mike Miller, who did the photography for our wedding.These are photos from my speed sewing session to throw together a last minute wedding dress in an hour and a half. I'm still a little amazed it all came together. While I've never been one for bridal as that niche was always filled by my grandfather and aunt when I came along, the experience has made me think some about adding it to my collection of custom services I offer one day.
         Mike's photos look so amazing, if you need a wow photographer, may I suggest him? His rates are reasonable and he's a lot of fun to be around. Plus, Nash and I just love him. Happy living today!

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