Friday, August 12, 2011

DIY Summit September 17th-18th

Featuring Etsy and Techshop RDU

Come Learn To Make Handmade Crafts

Saturday Hours 10 am-10 pm

10-12 am Fabric and Yarn Swap (Conference Room)- Bring left-over fabric samples, yarn, thread, and other notions to exchange with members.

10-11 am Quilting 101 (Conference Room)- Learn basic block quilting and quilt wall art based on local artist Ruth Evans who runs the fabric department of the Scrap Exchange in Durham. She specializes in one-of-a-kind custom quilts for special occasions. You can see some of her amazing work and applique cloth art.

11-12 am Triangle Weaving (Featuring a Knitting and Crocheting Circle) (Conference Room) Guest Artist: Adelaide Siegl- Learn traditional Irish Triangle weaving. There are 16 hand-looms available on a first come-first serve basis. You can also learn how to knit and crochet custom pieces. We will have stitch-n-bitch books and other patterns available. Please feel free to bring your own and show us what you are working on.

12-1 pm Soap Making- The Art of the Bubble (Break Room)- Come make your own soap in this one hour lecture. Each member will take home a bar of their very own custom crafted locally made soap. List of local supply venues included.

12-2 pm Food Truck Rally (Outside ROTH Brewing) Take a break to enjoy local food truck cuisine in the area.

12-1 Microbrewing in the Triangle (Conference Room) Guest Artist: Michael Natale (ROTH Brewing)- Come learn about the history of beer and we will have free samples of Raleigh Red available for you to try. Mike, one of the owners of ROTH, will be talking about his passion: beer. Come join in the fun and have a few drinks. Tours are available in the evening at 5, 7, and 9 pm. Drink special $2 Raleigh Red next door for all Etsians.

1-2 pm As The Wood Turns (Wood Shop) Guest Artist: Chuck Frank- Learn to create wooden designs and traditional woodworking techniques for large furniture and smaller projects like handcrafted boxes, bowls, pens, and other creations. We will be turning bowls made from local timber off reclaimed shipwrecks and giving them away as raffles to attendees.

1-2 pm For Love of Wood (Conference Room) Guest Artist: Todd Hartzell- Drop by and come see some professional woodmakers in the area and what they are making. This event will be led by Todd who is known for his beautiful wooden pieces in local art galleries in the area. You can talk to artists and feel free to bring a couple pieces you are working on to show off or swap ideas.

2-3 pm Seagrove Pottery (Conference Room)- Learn about crafting, building, firing, and producing local pieces. We will feature several artists in the area as well as provide a link to local studios and kilns in the area for those interested in getting their feet wet.

3-4 pm Arduino Programming (Conference Room/Computer Lab) Guest Artist: Carl Frega- Come see one of the great new tools for building electronic robots, clocks, and electronic devices. Carl will take you through the basics and talk about electronic inventor. We will have metal scraps and soldering equipment available. You may bring your own kit or purchase one from the Techshop store for $15.

4-5 pm Through the Jewelers Loop (Conference Room) Guest Artist: Chuck Frank- Learn about advanced jewelry techniques from local legend Chuck Jones. A master jeweler with over 35 years experience, he talk briefly about crafting and selling professional jewelry. Come see some of his amazing collection, rated top in the Southeast. Half of the lecture is geared towards a slide lecture of how-to-cast jewelry pieces and the second part will be a question and answer session. We will also have other local jewelry artists available to see samples of their work and local guilds.

5-9 pm Food Truck Rally and Beer Tasting (Outside ROTH Brewing)- Come sample local food truck cuisine and enjoy live music and beer. Roth beer will have several of the fall beers available. You may wander next door for blacksmith and metal pour demonstrations.

5-5:30- ROTH Brewing Tour (Roth Brewing) Guest Brewer: Mike Natale- Come tour ROTH brewing and check out their newest fall beer. $2 Red drink specials.

5-9 pm Etsy Berlin (Conference Room) Guest Artist: Ella Brooks- Watch guest lecturers talking about online selling and learn the fundamentals. You will learn how to take better photos, write listings, and set-up for your business.

5-7 pm Blacksmithing (Outside in Forge Area) Guest Artist: Nash Page- Come watch Nash Page and local blacksmiths craft individual pieces using the forging equipment. You may take home pieces.

7-7:30 ROTH Brewing Tour (Guest Brewer: Mike Natale)- Come tour ROTH brewing and check out their newest fall beer. $2 Red drink specials.

7-9 pm Metal Casting (Outside in Forge Area) Guest Artist: Evan Daniel- Come try your hand at one of our free metal pours. You can take ideas learned from the jewelry making class. We will have mold craving and you can see Evan Daniel create the resulting finished product in metal.

9-9:30 pm ROTH Brewing Tour (Guest Brewer: Mike Natale)- Come tour ROTH brewing and check out their newest fall beer. $2 Red drink specials.

Sunday Hours 10 am- 5 pm

10-12 am Craft Swap (Conference Room)- Bring projects and supplies to swap with friends. You may make stuff to take home. We will have painting and other supplies on hand.

10-12 am Brushes with Success (Conference Room) Guest Artist: Shannon Talton- Come relax and paint on various mediums. We will have canvas, paper, silk, and glass for you to paint on. Finished pieces will be available to take home. We will also discuss production runs for graphic artists.

12-1 pm Potluck (Breakroom)- Come bring a dish and share your ideas.

1-2 pm Glassmaking (Conference Room)- Learn to make custom glass beads and painted glass. We are featuring local glassmaking artists.

2-3 pm If It's Paper (Conference Room)- Go over traditional lithography techniques. Sew and craft your own cards. You may take home anything creations you make.

3-4 pm Small Treasures: Hand-blown Eggs (Breakroom) Guest Artist: Dara McGinn- Learn about traditional European holiday crafting techniques, including handblown eggs. We will be painting, dying, and finishing egg ornaments to take home.

4-5 Custom T-shirts(Conference Room and Breakroom) Guest Artist: Ruthan Freese- Come learn how to make handprinted t-shirts with bleaching and dying techniques. If you missed the August class, we will have Ruthan to take you through some of the basics. There is a $5 materials cost for this class

This event has been funded through an Etsy Grant. Raleigh Etsy Meet-up is separate group of artists and crafters who sell on Etsy and not legally affiliated with Etsy Corporate.

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