Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Wallet of Your Needs

This month, after lots of secrecy, I'm unveiling some early releases online for some of our up and coming new hot products and concepts. My favorite is a collaboration with Matt Santelli who runs Exhibiments Inc which is a print and design house. Li Sashay is teaming up with them to start producing completely customized wallets, handbags, and clothing.

The idea for this sprang out of a lunch discussion one day over what makes the perfect wallet. We all went around the table listing different things we loved in a wallet. The perfect number of pockets, the right color, the weight, photos of loved ones, slices of memories folded into each layer. The interesting thing was at the end, while many people agreed on the important features for them and many of them overlapped, they weren't the same. It's often easy to find the right style or the right fabric/print, but not both. And preferences tended to change based on what you wanted to use your wallet for.

We all concluded that the perfect wallet is one that fits a person's needs and it was why many people spend so much thought on a piece that ideally lasts them years. It was also why over time, a person's perfect wallet may change. Some similarities emerged, a perfect wallet must have enough pockets, be lightweight and easily fit in a back pocket, be durable, and fit the personality of person involved. At the end of the lunch we all laughed, Matt and I thought this was too fun of an idea not to make real. After all, we are in the business of making dreams real everyday. He can print anything on fabric or leather, and I can sew it. Now you can own one.

So began one of the most fun projects I have ever done. We gathered construction materials from all over the US: New York high-end leather, furs, python skins, carbon fiber, Thai silks, French linens, poly-blends, you name it. After a lot of dryers, abrasive chemicals, other tests, we settled on a bi-fold design for durability. You can customize it to have between 1-6 pockets on each side with an option for fold-over tri-fold design if you need more space to stick credit cards.

Our basic model starts around $49.99 for standard fabric or leather options, but we also include more exotic materials like python, stingray, and kangaroo. We will also line a wallet with a favorite t-shirt, baby blanket, or other light-weight treasured memory. Please allow an extra 2 weeks for your custom fabric selection. There is no additional cost for using your own custom fabric for the lining. Most of these will break May 1st, but you can purchase a limited selection early for 25% off from our online store.

Fabric $49.00

Leather Standard Colors $55.00

Deerskin $65

Kangaroo $75

Sting Ray $85

Python $180

Rabbit Fur $100

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