Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vstitcher and CAD Design

So for everyone who has done painstaking handmaking, draping, and all the other slow...tedious...annoying pattern designing for shows, there's now a great Jewish company: Browzwear that's offering awesome 3-D pattern making on avatars. It saves a boatload of time, plus you can completely customize patterns to fit various size and body types. This reduces a huge amount of the time and resources needed to produce design samples. In the next 10 years, I think that everyone will be designing their own custom clothes online as a personalized designer. This is probably the single most powerful design tool on the market today and a great company. If you want to see a demo of it and are in the Charlotte (or North Carolina region), you can contact Kevin Gray Pone 704-658-8050 or Gerber Technology appears to license the technology in this country.

The features that impressed me most where interaction between the 3D avatar and the actual CAD program so that any design patterns you render in 3D go back to the 2D pattern. There's probably a lot more you could say about how practical this is for shaving months and $$$ off the design cycle, but just watch the video on the Browzwear link. I think it's one of those a picture is worth a thousand words.

Next week: Etsy Crafter Party

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